Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video of the Week...maybe Year

"I'll make you a bet. No matter what happens with the losing streak, I'll guarantee there's not as much profanity in the next (episode of HBO's 24/7 featuring the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins). The guys are gonna cut it back. That's not how the guys want to be known. They don't want to be known as these uncivilized guys who swear all the time. They do care about it. That's why hockey players are so polite in public. At the rink, they're in their space, and the magic of HBO is they found a way to get the guys to relax and be who they are in that moment. That's not how I speak [in every-day life], but there were a lot of habits I had that never left that locker room. It's all part of getting your gladiator on and getting ready."

Barry Melrose on Caps coach Bruce Boudreau's 31 "F-Bomb Salute" on the debut episode of the HBO show 24/7 which is getting a too close look at the Caps awful losing streak. Hey, it’s not television, it’s HBO.

Here’s the You Tube link. If you aren’t 18-years-old (Davis, I’m talking to YOU), don’t you dare click on this link (or we will tell Santa!).

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