Friday, December 3, 2010

Things That Make You Go…


Lebron James returned to Cleveland last night. Evidently, the Cavalier faithful were not amused.

Lebron being Lebron scored 38 points and only stepped on his you-know-what twice. Once when he conducted his ritual talcum powder toss at the scorer’s table pre-game – not appreciated, although it did not start a riot as was predicted throughout cyberspace and on sports talk radio.

The second typical Lebron gaff came in what was otherwise a generous exit interview where James said this:

“Seven great years loved every part, loved every moment, from the growth when I was an 18-year old kid to a 25-year old man. We tried our best as a team to bring a championship to this city and just try to play hard every night. I got the up most respect for this franchise, the up most respect for these fans and you know just continue the greatness for myself here in Miami and try to get better every day."

Jeez! So close, and then there was that “greatness for myself” line…Ouch.

That said, King James later apologized(?) or at least clarified by Tweeting: “Did a post game interview with Craig Sager and I mentioned "Greatness" and I didn't mean myself individually, I meant to say US as a TEAM working towards "Greatness". Anyways Great Team Win for US tonight!”

Next thing you know, he will take a page out of the Vince Young Apology Playbook and text all the Cleveland fans saying: “The last SIX months of my life – my bad.”

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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