Thursday, December 30, 2010

T.A.H. To MD AD Kevin Anderson: You Suck

Kevin Anderson

As SNL’s Seth and Amy were fond of saying: Really?

Really, Kevin Anderson, after years of experience at the sports powerhouse Army you march into College Park and toss under the Terrapin bus the coach who brought you out of what the Wikipedia entry on Maryland Terrapin Football describes as “The Dark Years.” Really?

Then you guarantee the head coach his job in 2011 only to jerk it out from under him two weeks later. Is that how things were done in West Point? Really?

Then yesterday, while Terrapin Nation was saying goodbye to their beloved Fridge you bring in Mike Leach to tour the campus at College Park…

Different word: Unbelievable.

The Washington Post’s Mike Wise used “classless” to describe that move, and that seems a good place to start as we lack both the skills and vocabulary to put such a b.s. move in the proper perspective.


What morons sat in the meeting and said: “Hey, let’s bring Leach into tour campus during the Military Bowl. Nobody will notice.” “Yeah!!!!! That’s a great idea and the appropriate thing to do under the circumstances.”

Who said that, and what idiot agreed to it? Well…we don’t know who suggested the amazingly unproffessional and insensitive idea, but we’re quite sure who signed off on it and made it happen. (That would be you.)

And then lightning struck and Gandalf the wizard got off his white horse and turned College Park into South Beach. Miraculously, the economy rebounded and the typically fickle Maryland fans started buying up unsold luxury boxes and flocking to the stadium in record numbers. At that very moment, recruits (both local and otherwies) who used to turn up thier collective noses at MD's urban surroundings suddenly were promising to attend U of Terps in massively talented D-1 droves! Woo hoo!

Problems solved.

Nice, Anderson, NICE!


To read Wise’s column, click here.

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