Friday, December 10, 2010

T.A.H.: Friday Morning Rant

Hack's Team Captain T. Blaser and some Hick named C. Yowell.
Dedicated T.A.H. reader and occasional contributor T. Blaser of Hacks v. Hicks fame is a full-blown sports junkie. The long-time Terps fan and now Clemson loyalist (two sons) had this to say in a morning email to T.A.H. Worldwide Media Headquarters here in beautiful sunny Warrenton, VA. (OK, it’s overcast and cold as crap…)

So said Mr. Blaser: Btw – I had SportsCenter on while I was getting ready for work this a.m. The lead stories were the baseball winter meetings, Brett Favre’s health and some NBA games. In other words “who gives a sh*t?”

Can you imagine if tonight and tomorrow were the first round of the NCAA football playoffs? This country would be going crazy! The NCAA is basically missing a month at the height of the season when folks can’t get enough football.  Nobody but me cares about any of the other crappy bowls until January 1, but everybody would be invested if there were a tourney. Stupid I’m telling ya!

Tom, as usual, you give sage counsel and thank you for caring about the “crappy bowls.” And you’re right – we all watch them, we all enjoy them as many turn out to be great games, but – we don’t really “care” about all these minor bowls…Give us a 16 team playoff and the Terps can still play the Pirates in the Military Bowl and Clemson can tackle the South Florida Bulls over in the Muffler Bowl! Everybody’s a winner.

Tossing out General J. Bounds' "all-conference champs are in" approach, here's a fairly simple 16 team first round based on the AP Top 25 for this week.  The only BCS conference out of the mix here is the Big East.

(1) Auburn v. (16) Oklahoma State – Ok, nobody much cares about OSU save T.Boone Pickens and Barry Sanders, but it’s still a playoff game.
(2) Oregon v. (15) Alabama – Talk about culture shock, the Ducks take on the Crimson Tide.  Nike meets houndstooth.
(3) TCU v. (14) Missouri – Good Midwestern throw down.
(4) Wisconsin v. (13) Nevada – The Wolf Pack try to prove a point against a Big 10 team.
(5) Stanford v. (12) VIRGINIA TECHding, ding, ding, ding, EXACTLY the same as the BCS bowl matchup!
(6) Ohio State v. (11) LSU – The Buckeys are afforded yet another opportunity to lose to a S.E.C. team.
(7) Michigan State v. (10) Boise State – The Broncos get a shot at a Big 10 team and more street cred.
(8) Arkansas v. (9) Oklahoma – It’s gotta beat the UConn v. Oklahoma matchup we are stuck with now.

You have to admit, it wouldn't suck...

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