Friday, December 10, 2010

Suits In Indiana Hot On The Pelini Situation

When the Suits (and Skirts…let’s be fair) In Indiana were just about to convene the long-awaited and much-anticipated D1 Football Playoff Committee meeting with their counterparts from the D1AA, DII and DIII playoff committees they were interrupted by iThis's and iThat’s emailing and texting them about the “Bo Pelini situation” noted above.

Meeting postponed (again). Damn it, Jim!

So armed with the hottest info from media outlets in Nebraska and Florida, a couple of their crack enforcement folks hopped in the ol’ Buick and headed west on Interstate 70 toward Lincoln. (Editor’s note: They were going to take I70 to Kansas City just to be sure that the NCAA offices weren’t still there and then head north on I29 to Lincoln). Just outside of Terre Haute, one of the enforcers checked the weather on his iGadget and realized that the better play was to investigate this from the Hurricane’s perspective.

The group turned left on US 41South and headed for I64 East which after several days should get them to I95 South and on to sunny and warm(er) Florida.

The NCAA team is expected to arrive at the Coral Gables campus just after the conclusion of the press conference announcing Pelini’s hiring as the Canes new head coach.

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