Wednesday, December 8, 2010

R.I.P. Albert Hayensworth

The horrific Albert Hayensworth experiment in Washington appears to be over. Yesterday, the Redskins suspended their petulant defensive lineman after another round of whining and crying by all the parties. There is plenty of blame to go around starting at the top with owner Dan Snyder and ending with the key protagonist – Haynesworth and head coach taskmaster Mike Shannahan.

Add Haynesworth to the long list of self-important, self-indulged prima-donna athletes who want to do as they please and dictate team policy/strategy on and off the field. Shannahan’s fundamental rigidity left him poorly armed to deal with such a under-motivated star and the crazy price tag surely didn’t help him end this football tragedy in a more timely manner.

To further demonstrate the dysfunction, according to The Onion, former Skins’ coach Jim Zorn asked Hayensworth “gain 2,400 pounds.”

Here is a video of an example of the spectacular effort Hayensworth made on behalf of the employer who paid him zillions of dollars.  

Nice, Albert, NICE!

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