Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Relative of T.A.H. Sometimes Contributor Honored By Inside Lacrosse

Just last week, we quoted dedicated T.A.H. reader and occasional contributor T. Blaser of Hacks v. Hicks fame. The long-time Terps fan and now Clemson loyalist (two sons) was a rugby star when he was young and who now manages his “sissy fade” effectively around the links to the frequent financial demise of his opponents.

Somehow or another in a miracle of significant upgrade, the Mighty Blaze managed to court, engage and eventually wed K. Bryant of the Baltimore money managers and Eastern Shore real estate mogul Bryants. (When is there gonna be another hurricane so we can go back to Royal Oak and relive those golden memories about “the boys from Wheaton?”) There are several other Bryant children all of which we have met at various times but we make no pretense about being able to sort one out from the other in the light of day.

That said, Rustin Bryant, a freshman at Maryland and the nephew of K. Bryant Blaser, has been honored by being named first team on Inside Lacrosse magazines 2011 All-Name Team. (Actually, the crack, and recently "unfired" T.A.H. Research Department has revealed that Rustin is the son of K. Bryant Blaser’s brother Ric.)

So when Inside Lacrosse published the fourth Face-off Yearbook All-Name Team there was young Master Bryant on the FIRST TEAM along with Braxton Deaver Fr., Midfield, Duke and third teamers Tucker Virtue Sr., Attack, Duke and Steele Stanwick Jr., Attack, Virginia. The All-Name team is exactly what you think – a list of guys with names that sound like they would be lacrosse players.

With no disrespect to any of the fine young men on the top squad, we must ask how is Steele Stanwick, Jr. not first team?

Of course, IL points out that “it’s all in good fun, and we’re just playing around with a funny, tired lacrosse stereotype. Please take no offense at inclusion on this team. Wear it like a badge of honor…on your Vineyard Vines blazer.”

There are a variety of variations on the theme as well as an All-Name team for the women and an All-Celebrity version as well.

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