Friday, December 10, 2010

NCAA: “We Aren’t In Kansas Any More”

This morning, the NCAA (known in these parts as the Suits In Kansas) informed T.A.H. that the organization that oversees college athletics moved to Indianapolis way back in 1999.

WHAT? (Where's that record scratch sound effect when you need it?)

What did we do? What any big time media company does. We sacked some sorry dorks down in the Research Department, that’s what we did! We called down there and said everybody who’s last name isn’t “Petty” or who doesn't sleep here at night is FIRED. That show’d ‘em! Idiots. 

Damn it, we should have outsourced that to Madagascar years ago.

Now, a quick note to our loyal readers: What up people? Did any of you know that the Suits In Kansas are now the Suits In Indiana? Were you withholding this info for a future power play when T.A.H. dissed your school? Really, how did the legions of T.A.H. readers not know this?

It’s shocking. We are appalled and embarrassed and we vow never to make another mistake agian…raelly.

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