Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maryland Throwing Fridge Under Franklin-less Bus?

According to the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun, the University of Maryland is moving toward asking Coach Ralph Friedgen to retire and accept a buyout early next week, according to three sources close to the football program with knowledge of the financial details involved in such a move. This shortly after Vanderbilt officially announced James Franklin as their new head coach.

Friedgen was named ACC 2010 Coach of the Year November 30th after leading the Terps to a notable turnaround season and a bowl appearance. Fridge's troops finished 8-4 and contended for the Atlantic Division title a year after going 2-10. That's one of the best reversals in ACC history. Of course, in the delusional world that is college football, someone at Maryland thinks the next Urban Meyer (the healthy, happy, National Championship winning version of Meyer) is jonesing to come to that garden spot of America we call College Park.

In a teleconference Friday, Kevin Anderson, Maryland's first-year athletic director, declined to guarantee that Friedgen would return for 2011, the final year of his contract. The refusal to re-commit to Friedgen, 63, came just one month after Anderson announced that Friedgen would return in 2011.

Anderson said to expect an announcement regarding the program's future early next week. When asked Friday if Friedgen was guaranteed to return, Anderson paused for a few seconds before saying: "I will sit down and everybody will understand where we are going and how we are moving with the program. At this point in time, I am not going to answer that question."

Friedgen was not on the teleconference because a school spokesperson said he was sick.

Yeah, sure he was…sick, and that dog you had as a kid is still living out at your Aunt Jenny's farm where he could run and play and would never get...sick.

Nice, Maryland, NICE!

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  1. I'd like to think that the Fridge would ride out into the sunset when he finally retired. But it is fitting that his departure would be just as controversial as his arrival although for much different reasons.


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