Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Man Wearing Duke Cap Attacks Maryland Woman

Montgomery County Police are investigating an assault and attempted kidnapping near Wheaton Claridge Park over the weekend.

Investigators say on Saturday night just after 7 p.m., a woman boarded a Metrobus at Connecticut Avenue and Viers Mill Road, but she did not realize she was being followed.

She got off the bus at Viers Mill Road and Claridge Road and started walking. So did the suspect. (If you look closely at the police sketch, you can’t help but notice that the alleged assailant is wearing a Duke baseball cap….as Fridge would say: It is what it is.)

"She was walking down Claridge Road near the Wheaton Claridge Park, the suspect approached her from behind, grabbed her and started to drag her into woods there by the park,” said Friz.

But before the suspect could continue with his attack, an innocent bystander walking nearby intervened.

The victim called police. The Good Samaritan (rumored to have been wearing a North Carolina cap) left the scene.

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