Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hokies Plagiarizes Wahoo Celebratory Move

There is some good stuff out there on the World Wide Web including Bryane Rogers’s weblog.

Bryane hips us to this: Redskins corner DeAngelo Hall was just a sophomore in high school in the fall of 1998. Clearly he was watching when fellow 757-er Ahmad Hawkins beat Anthony Midget for a 47-yard game-winning touchdown on November 28th of that year. Hawkins’ TD grab from Aaron Brooks with 2 minutes remaining would be enough to beat Hall’s future school in Blacksburg, capping a furious second-half comeback that started from a 29-7 intermission deficit.

After scoring, Hawkins slid to his knees and outstretched both arms. He soaked in the feeling of victory at Lane Stadium, creating one of the most indelible images in Virginia football history-

Twelve years later, Hall is still using the celebratory move he took from the one-time arena-leaguer Hawkins, who played on both sides of the ball at Virginia…

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