Thursday, December 30, 2010

Either Mike Leach, Kevin Anderson Or Their Relatives Read T.A.H.

Kevin Andeson (left)
Yesterday we received a comment about our Kevin Plank story and we post all comments that aren’t obscene – no matter how wacky.

So, from our old friend Anonymous we got this: Mike leach possess incredible integrity and would be a superb choice for any D-1 school interested in winning with INTEGRITY.

First, we called the Craig James’ household and left a message asking if they were trying to “punk” T.A.H. Oddly enough, we never heard back. Guess they were having some family time in the shed.

Then we figured it was Leach, Anderson, a relative or a staffer.

Then we remembered – SARCASM!!!

Oh yeah, sarcasm, that explains it!

OK, Craig James, you got us!  Good one.

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  1. Mike leach's body of work at Texa Tech speaks for itself. So does the graduation rate of the football players within the program. There are few who have the integrity, courage, and will to confront the powerful, particularly the media, and Mike Leach has demonstrated incredible character in seeking redress and attempting to reclaim his reputation. Any major football program should be honored to have him as their Head Football Coach, including MARYLAND. Surely, the mishandling of the former coach at Maryland did not occur because they were in a rush to hire an assistant coach from the Southeastern Conference. Not even the former Maryland Coach allows cell phones at practice, whether the player is injured or not.


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