Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Mr. Snyder

Simply put, yesterday’s LOSS pretty much sums up the past 12 years. Lots of meaningless accomplishments(?) (yards), few meaningful results (points), BAD decisions at key times (clock management) and massive FAILURE by specialists hired to do a specific job (kicker, holder, snapper, and at least one coach we won’t mention here [Steve Spurrier]).

Yes, yesterday’s LOSS to the Bucs was one for the Ages – The Dark Ages. And to think the week got off to such a good start when Sir Albert was vanquished from Redskins’ Camelot and almost ended with an game going to overtime after the officials gave our Skins an EXTRA down (no doubt, to make up for not calling the flagrant [no matter what Fox's announcers say] holding on Brian Orakpo on the Buc’s TD to take the lead.)

As folks were noting that the Hayensworth debacle was the SIGNATURE failure of the Snyder era’s high pay-low production big dollar fee agency experiment, the stage was being set for some guys down at the bottom of the payroll food chain to literally DROP the ball.

We understand the Hayensworth debacle. Sir Albert is a classic example of what happens to many egotistical football players who receive HUGE paydays. The reality of the danger of the game and the shortness of their career seems to invade some far reaches of their mind after they put that huge check in the bank.

Unfortunately, their production immediately goes DOWN even if the adjustment is self-conscious as suddenly the fans and coaches are more passionate about the sport than the over-compensated superstar. Yes, some folks call that the NBA. But it happens everywhere from golf to pro football. If you are a full-blown immature ego-maniac like Hayensworth, it's a real MESS...

So with all of these life and football lessons learned, what is NEXT for our (and your) beloved Washington Redksins.

We would like to make a few HUMBLE suggestions:

1) FIRE the players, starting with the Hunter the Punter (who has been very reliable for his 12 year NFL career save for being involved in two of the most horrific Redskins plays in the past three decades. Not as catastrophic in terms of results as “Rocket Screen,” but last year’s trick play that fooled no one against the Giants and yesterday’s gaff on what is generally one of the easiest “skill” plays in the game literally scream TERMINATION.) Then fire the offensive, then the defense.

2) FIRE the coaches. All of them. What the HECK?

3) SELL the team. Sell the damn team to a COWBOYS’ fan, who cares? Give the proceeds to charity.

4) TEAR DOWN the abomination that is FedEx Field (R.I.P. Jack Kent Cook. We loved the Squire, but Raljohn? Really?) Unfortunately, Fed Ex was somewhat modeled after the archetype football stadium of the day in Giants’ Stadium at the Meadowlands. Yep, that one…the one they just tore down.

5) LEAVE town and never speak of the Men in Burgandy again. Ever.

Happy Freakin’ Hollidays,
Your Loyal Fan

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