Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Video Things That Make You Go…

Stick with the video and trick play theme, we go to somewhere in North Carolina.

If a middle school quarterback sneak can work why not create a man-in-motion distraction? Last Friday's game between Watauga High and St. Stephens High featured just that in the video below.

The player you see doing handsprings just behind the line of scrimmage is Watauga senior placekicker Cam Haas, who lined up as a wide receiver on a two-point conversion. The point-after attempt was being attempted from the 18-yard line after penalties pushed the Pioneers back.

Flags flew before front-flipping Haas could reach the other side of the field, and the fill-in receiver was assessed an excessive celebration penalty. More significantly, both the kicker and Watauga coach Tim Pruitt, who called for the bizarre trick play, were ejected.


For his part, head coach Pruitt was more defiant than regretful about the play.

"I don't feel I deserved to be ejected," Pruitt told GoBlueRidge.net. "I hate I got kicked out…We were at the 18-yard line. How many times are you going to make a two-point conversion from the 18?

"We met with the officials before the game and they didn't say anything about trick plays. I was the one that brought it up. I knew we were going to get flagged, but I decided to run the play anyway. Looking back at it, obviously it wasn't a good decision. But if he had told me he was kicking me out of the game for it, I would have never ran it."

Key point: I knew we were going to get flagged, but I decided to run the play anyway…

Like we said, hmmm.

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