Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vacation 2011: Can You Help A Brother Out?

Best Iconic Photos
We appreciate all the love we get for T.A.H. and now we are asking all of our fans, especially those of you that are Facebookers, for a favor.

Go vote for us, pleasE, pleaSE, pleASE, plEASE, pLEASE, PLEASE!

WHAT: Air Tahiti Nui USA Photo Contest

PRIZE: Up to three FREE airline tickets to Tahiti (that’s about $4,000 worth).  The winner of each category gets a free ticket and the overall winner gets two! NICE.

HOW: Go on your Facebook page and search Air Tahiti Nui USA (be sure to put in the USA unless you speak French). Or just click here. When you get to their page “LIKE” the airline’s Facebook page, then click on PHOTOS.

Best Frivolous & Quirky
That is where the photos for the contest are. Please vote (by clicking LIKE) for:

ICONIC: “Bora Bora From The St. Regis” by T.A.H. editor and publisher G. Petty

CULTURE and LIFESTYLE: “Traditional Canoe Racing” by T.A.H. Editor and Publisher G. Petty

FRIVOLOUS and QUIRKY: “Cowabunga In Bora Bora” by T.A.H. Pop Culture Editor A. Petty

We are pulling for Amy’s QUIRKY entry of Toly Hansbrough jumping off the deck in Bora Bora to win it all.

Best Culture, Lifestyle
PLEASE NOTE: It’s a straight popularity contest, so please vote for these three and only these three.

Thank you. We love you.

If we win any of the categories – and let’s WIN TWO people! – We will be entered in the FINALS.

Go, T.A.H., GO!

REMEMBER: You have to LIKE the airline's Facebook page before you can VOTE.

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