Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things That Make You Go...


According to the Orlando Sentinel, Florida State LB Kendall Smith needs to keep his mouth shut.

Smith had a career-high 15 tackles in the Seminoles' 28-24 loss at N.C. State last week but he said he didn't even realize it until he was told on Sunday, three days after the defeat. (So far, so good.) Then Smith said he lost track of his tackle count and that he was "focusing on the game and then trying to get us the W, instead of the L." (Again, OK.)

Smith and the Seminoles defense held its own in the first half but looked lost in the second half against Wolfpack QB Russell Wilson.

"N.C. State, they really utilized their quarterback and his running ability. But I feel like they spread us out and let him do his thing. And I can honestly say we [were] outcoached on that one." (Oops... talked to much.)

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