Wednesday, November 17, 2010

T.A.H. Borrows From S.N.L.: Ryan Williams, Really?

Williams not returning a kickoff against the Tar Heels
Going into last weeks game against North Carolina, the Hokies were down two kick returners: Dyrell Roberts (compartment syndrome in his left thigh) and David Wilson (mononucleosis).

So they asked talented running back Ryan Williams to handle those chores and Williams said "no thanks" citing his lack of practice.


"I haven't returned kickoffs since sophomore year of high school," Williams said. "You give me a week to (practice) it, and I'm not going to be comfortable with it. We've got other people that's comfortable doing it, so I'm not going to sit there and try to force myself to do something I'm not comfortable with off of two days of practice."

Well, to show you how much respect Frank Beamer has for Williams, the Hokies’ head coach said it was essentially up to Williams and that if he wasn’t comfortable returning kicks, he didn’t want him back there.

"Ryan decided he'd rather not do that," Beamer said. "You want a guy back there who wants to be there. I'm not sure what Ryan's reason was, but it was his decision…When you're talking about punt returners and kickoff returners," Beamer said, "they've got a lot of say there as far as whether they want to do it or not."




Hey, there’s a reason Coach Frank has been around a long time, won a bunch of games AND his players, fans, alumni and the media like and respect him. Looks like common sense might play a role...

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