Friday, November 12, 2010

Quote of the Day: “No stars”

On a recent radio show, Mrs. Dan Snyder, Tanya, had some interesting things to say. Of note, she is one of a legion who believes Vinnie Cerrato belongs under the bus saying, “I think he has better people around him now. I think he finally has gotten to the point where he does have a general manager, he has really good marketing people and I think he's grown and he's evolved and he's very comfortable where he is. And I think he knows he's got the right group of people around. It feels like a new beginning now.”

Of course, she was delicate enough not to say it was all going swimmingly until Coach Kim Jong Il-ahan tossed the starting QB and future Hall of Famer under that very same bus.

That said, here’s today’s winner:

"Dan Snyder will rip a little star off PJs. We have to be very careful with that type of thing. I mean, I even tried to sell him on (stars) with young kids, night night stars [as decorations] and all that. No stars."

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