Friday, November 19, 2010

Pictures of the Day

AND THE TRADITION CONTINUES.  What tradition is that you ask?  The time honored Olympic tradition of ugly logos followed up by ridiculous mascots.  Here, London Organizing Committee of the 2012 Olympic Games Chairman Lord Seb Coe and LOCOG CEO Paul Deighton speak to the media during the IOC Coordination Commission Press Conference on November 19, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images for LOCOG)
THE KOREAN MICHAEL JORDAN? Pak Un-Chol of DPR Korea (R) and Cho Sung-Min of South Korea (L) clash in their preliminary round group E game 20 basketball match in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou on November 19, 2010. (Photo by Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images)
IT’S CALLED THE AIR PRETZEL.  You contort your body in every way imaginable as you attempt to advance the futbol in your team's direction with your head, or chest, or foot or any other body part save your hand, but, inspite of turning yourself into a soccer pretzel, you whiff:  Air Pretzel.  Expect soccer fans to be chanting this at the next World Cup when they aren’t blowing on the new version of the world’s most annoying horn.  Here, Sina Ashoori Mehrenjani of Iran (L) demonstrates the Air Pretzel while Muzeeb Azat Issa of Oman contemplates same during the men's quarter-final match at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou on November 19, 2010. Iran beat Oman 1-0. (Photo by AFP)

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