Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Mr. Snyder

Well, it’s the bye week, do you want the good news or the bad news.

Ah, what the heck, let’s go GOOD news.

The Redskins have the same number of victories after eight games as they had all of LAST SEASON and they already have MORE turnovers.

The BAD news? Well, we won’t BELABOR it, but in about two minutes, thirty seconds in Detroit on Sunday Coach Shanny singlehandedly undermined EVERYTHING he and the Redskins had built since he was hired.

How very ZORNIAN. We were surprised he didn’t run a FAKE punt after the disastrous Res GROSSman experiment.

Then after the game he says McNabb doesn’t know his two minute offense as well as GROSSman.

Then the next day in his Monday presser, Coach Shanny says he was hurt or he wasn’t in good enough shape to call two plays in a row and run the hurry-up offense. He kept saying that GROSSman had run the no huddle the previous week while preparing for Indy. Uh, coach, you played the Colts TWO weeks ago…

Anyway, the quarterback is under the bus and ESPN says offensive coordinator Little Shanny doesn’t like his PRACTICE habits and they don’t see Donovan as the answer to the QB position here in Washington. Jeez.

Look, we knew Shanahan was an egotistical CONTROL freak, but, hey, what successful NFL head coach isn’t? BUT, after beating up Sir Albert In The Can, now he opens his little personal can of WHOOP ASS on the starting QB. As Seth and Amy would say, REALLY?

My guess is he had no IDEA what was coming after his post-game comments. The backlash that started Monday morning with both fans and media is now RAGING full blast. Thankfully, Randy Moss is still around to DISTRACT the national media.

Nice, Coach, NICE!

Of course, there are those who are saying that Coach was trying to PROTECT McNabb during the final two minutes. If that were true, the way the offensive line played, he should have sat his starting quarterback the FIRST 58 minutes and let him play the last TWO.

Good luck CLAIMING Moss. We’re pullin’ for ya!

What the heck, anybody SEEN Jeff George.

Your Loyal Fan

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