Friday, November 19, 2010

ACC Football Links

Bruce Taylor
By Heather Dinich from ESPN's ACC blog.

*Football has helped bring Virginia Tech linebacker Bruce Taylor's family together and heal some wounds from the past.

*Clemson filled a need at the wide receiver position.

*FSU is having a little more fun this month than it has in past Novembers because its goals are still in sight.

*If Miami is going to win on Saturday, it will have to win that other little game they call Beamerball.

*Virginia's Danny Aiken fell into long-snapping duties, and the Cavaliers have been better off for it.

*The Canes lost their quarterback but found a running game.

*FSU center Ryan McMahon is on track to break the school record for most career starts.

*UNC has had trouble slowing down NC State quarterback Russell Wilson in this rivalry.

*BC's senior class could use a break.

It's not like Miami has much of a home-field advantage in Sun Life Stadium.

*The Orange Bowl is still among the Terps' three most-likely bowl destinations.

*Just winning on Saturday will be enough for this group of Georgia Tech seniors.

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