Thursday, November 4, 2010

ACC Football Links

Eric Kapitulik

*Eddie Whitley says that Georgia Tech "did some things that were dirty" to the Hokies last year, so he plans to "hit them" this year. Should be a fun game.
*The Yellow Jackets can catch the ball -- they just haven't done it much in games.
*There's a lot more to the player who delivered the final hit to Jacory Harris last weekend than just smashmouth football.
*Meet John-Kevin Dolce.Wake Forest is "trying to stop the bleeding." That's never good.
*Was Sean Renfree's record-setting day a turning point in his career or an anomaly? His decision making was much better.
*LaQuan Williams has been one of the top "dogs" on the Terps' special teams.
*Clemson is starting to plan for its future. Does that mean this season and quarterback Kyle Parker are already a thing of the past?
*The starting status of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris is still unknown.
*This is a great story about the inspiration behind NC State's upset of Florida State. Leave it to a marine to figure that one out.

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