Thursday, November 4, 2010

ACC Basketball Season Starts November 4: Do You Know Your Opponent?

Nothing says ACC hoops like early games against non-conference opponents. We aren’t saying that all major programs jump start the season with a smorgasbord of cupcakes, but here is the schedule for week one of the 2010-11 ACC season.

Monday, November 8
Sisters of the Poor Northwest (Redhawks, 7,771 students,Seattle, WA) at MARYLAND

Wednesday, November 10
Strayer College of Charleston (Cougars, 9,866 students, Charleston, SC) at MARYLAND

Friday, November 12
DeVry University of NY (Terriers, number of students unknown, Brooklyn Heights, NY) at BOSTON COLLEGE
Sisters of the Poor Tech (Golden Eagles, 8,918 students, Cookesville, TN) at N.C. STATE

The University of Relatives of European Royalty College (Tribe, 5,805 students, Williamsburg, VA) at VIRGINIA

University of Phoenix – Northern Florida (Ospreys, 16,059 students, Jacksonville, FL) at FLORIDA STATE

American Public University (Hatters, 2,205 students, DeLand, FL) at WAKE FOREST

Walden University (Bucaneers, 3,000 students, North Charleston, SC) at GEORGIA TECH

Kaplan University (Gamecocks, 9,481 students, Jacksonville, AL) at MIAMI

Argosy University (Fighting Camels, 10,471 students, Buies Creek, NC) at VIRGINIA TECH

The Art Institute of Pittsburghboro NC (Catamounts, 7,455 students, Cullowhee, NC) at KLIMPSON

The Less Well-Known Sisters of the Poor at Rocky Top State (Bisons, 2,518 students, Nashville, TN) at NORTH CAROLINA

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