Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Legend of "Cigar Guy" Grows

Ahhh, the internet.  So many photoshops, so little time to waste...

Yeah, we know we ran this yesterday – the photoshopped version of the amazing Tiger Woods photo which has “Cigar Guy” all over it.

Of course, this went viral immediately and now folks are photoshopping Cigar Guy into all kinds of iconic sports photos.

To see more examples, click here, and here.

He’s even made some classic album* covers – click here.

(*EDITOR’S NOTE: For those of you born after 1985, an “album” is a round vinyl reproduction of a recording artist’s music. It was played on something you have never seen (unless you are a D.J.) called a “turntable.” This turntable was run by pulleys and belts and somehow actually managed to turn the “platter” (the doohickey the record sat on) at the proper speed, unless, of course, your roommate spilled a beer on it. The vibrations from the grooves in the vinyl disc were translated into actual sound through a “cartridge” or “needle,” unless, of course, that same beer-drinking roommate broke this fragile and critical piece of equipment. When that happened, one had to trundle off to a “record store” (look that one up yourself) and buy a new cartridge/needle. Once you had a new one, you had to install it on the turntables “arm” and balance the arm (stylus, if you want to get all technical about it) using a round weight on the back of said arm/stylus/hand whatever. If you didn’t get it just right the newly installed cartridge, and its accompanying arm, would “skip” much like a modern CD will do when it is dirty or scratched or like an MP3 file will do if its bootlegged from a coal miner in South Dakota. Miss in the “too heavy” direction and the cartridge/needle would carve new grooves in your now priceless “records” making Bob Dylan and Geddy Lee actually sound worse – as if that were actually possible -- then they already do.)

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