Friday, October 22, 2010

Farvegate: Can We Move On Already?

Mr. and Mrs. Favre
We are way tired of Brett Favre on so many levels, but while surfing for Pictures of the Day our crack research team pointed out something that may not be a coincidence regarding the aging retired, not-retired, retired, not-retired, retired, INTERCEPTION!!, not-retired, retired, not-retired, INTERCEPTION!!, retired, not-retired, retired, not-retired INTERCEPTION!! apparently philandering quarterback, his wife and the woman who rejected his unwanted advances and electronic phone photos of his privates (or what we now call his “Tweenis.”)

Yes, they do, in fact, bear a resemblance.

Jen Steger
Does that give him any cover?

Honey, I thought she was you…Really, I did. Seriously. 


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