Wednesday, October 13, 2010


RB-back Anthony Allen tried to be modest about his record-setting history with Middle Tennessee, but Roddy Jones called him out on it.

Greg Nosal -- and his pinky finger -- have written themselves into Virginia Tech lore.

Duke is feeling good after its bye week, but a tough stretch lies ahead. There has been some mental and physical healing needed in Durham.

Nine straight road trips without a win. Can the Terps really turn that around in Death Valley?

Maryland will get some help from the return of tight end Devonte Campbell, who spent so much time recovering on an exercise bike he named it.

Virginia's defense has been plagued by missed assignments -- not missed tackles.

Three blocked punts this season have given NC State confidence and more blocked punts than the program has seen since 2005.

Opposing defenses are keen to the fact that Clemson doesn't have any downfield receiving threats.

Kicking defensive tackle Marvin Austin off the team was a necessary move.

Forget throwing up the U. Reading this take from former Canes should make Miami fans want to throw up.

Hey Mister! What a name. But it keeps Mister Alexander MR -- Mentally Ready.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. UNC? En fuego. School officials say there was no lack of institutional control, yet plan on tightening up their system a bit.

Georgia Tech offensive lineman Omoregie Uzzi is driven by the advice of his late father.

Virginia is looking to start its game against UNC on Saturday with a greater sense of urgency.

It doesn't matter who is under center for BC. He has to play better than what the Eagles have had in the first half of the season.

Florida State is doing things the program hasn't seen since its dynasty era, yet it's still fighting for respect.

There might be 100 points scored on Saturday as NC State and East Carolina prepare to fire away. Or just 50 -- all for NC State.

Virginia's depth chart is unsettled midway through the season.

Duke might gain some confidence from realizing the Canes aren't invincible.

Clemson is trying not to look ahead, but the Tigers are also trying to find reasons to stay hopeful about repeating as Atlantic Division champs.
Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams is feeling better, but today will be an important practice for him.

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