Friday, September 17, 2010

Raycom Sports Launches ACC iPhone App

The ACC is diving headfirst into new media with an iPhone application that launched today. The new gadget does cool stuff including allowing one to watch select Raycom game broadcasts.

Nice, Raycom, NICE!

Raycom, the ACC’s Charlotte-based media partner, is helping the ACC produce an application that can be downloaded by searching for “ACC” in the iTunes application store and downloaded for an introductory annual cost of $1.99.

The app allow fans to:

- Watch select live football and basketball syndicated ACC telecasts from Raycom.
- See real-time game tracking with live game statistics, scoring summaries, play by play and other updates.
- Be alerted to breaking team news and game scores.
- Customize the application to represent their favorite conference team.
- View video clips featuring team previews, highlights and archival ACC moments.

(Editor's Note: Later today, Verizon is expected to announce that they are developing a QB Helmet Cam App for their Droid which will allow their customers to watch select games from the quarterback’s perspective. Don't laugh, it's just a matter of time. -- The Ed.)

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