Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part 2: Soccer Things That Make You Go…


Speaking of soccer.

This is a test. It’s not a real emergency, it’s just a test.

(But if you blow it, your T.A.H. privileges will be revoked by our top secret mini-cyber robots)

Please look at the photo and tell us which soccer player is the counterfeit.

Evidently, last week the Bahraini national “football” team hosted a team from Togo (a small East African country which is the meat in the sandwich of Ghana and Benin) in an international friendly at Bahrain National Stadium in Riffa. The Bahrainis won the match 3-0, and not long after Tongolese sports officials said “Huh?” – Well they said it in Tolgolesian, but you get the point.

They have since been quoted as saying the national squad had not been sent to Bahrain, and that the game, which Bahrain won 3-0, had been played with a team masquerading as the national squad.

Togo football association spokesman, Seiyi Memene, said the team was "completely fake".

Suspicions first arose when the Togolese team didn't seem to know what they were meant to do and were missing some of their regular first team players such as Manchester City's Emmanuel Adebayor.

"The players may not have been professional footballers or even Togolese nationals," said Bahrain's coach Josef Hickersberger.

"They were not fit enough to play 90 minutes -- the match was very boring."

Turns out the Bahrainis were sold a bill of good by an unscrupulous “agent.”

(ANSWER: Really? Isn’t it obvious?)

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