Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part 1: Soccer Things That Make You Go…


We don’t know much about Qatar and we aren’t looking to start any more controversy with our Muslim friends whether here or abroad, but his we know. We don’t EVER want to be in charge of security for a World Cup. That’s a job too big, difficult and expensive for even the near-genius brain trust of T.A.H. to figure out. That said, we really don’t want to be in charge of security for a World Cup held in the Middle East – anywhere, not Qatar not anywhere else in that neck of the woods.

We don’t know the politics of Qatar, but we do know it’s attached to Saudi Arabia and that simply means it’s half a world closer to extremists that might be looking to launch terrorist attacks on the world stage. It’s not a political or cultural issues, it’s one of geography and proximity.

That said, Qatar is an oil and gas rich country with a population of approx of 1.6 million. They can certainly afford to host the World Cup and the stadiums and locations look quite spectacular, but what is a nation of that size going to do with a dozen giant (hopefully air conditioned) stadiums when the WC is over?

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, will they allow vuvuzelas?

This week officials in Qatar showed FIFA inspectors the designs for a dozen stadiums it plans to build or upgrade for the 2022 World Cup, including one that pulsates with light, one inspired by a sea urchin and one modeled after an Arabic fort.


(Photos by Qatar 2022 via Getty Images)

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