Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LOL: Lots O' Links

Georgia Tech showed some better effort against North Carolina, but there were still enough mistakes for "CPJ" to chew on.

Maryland's depth at quarterback was once a strength. Was.

Clemson saw some positives in its loss to Auburn it can build on.One person who hasn't lost any respect for Virginia Tech is BC coach Frank Spaziani.

If Miami's Vaughn Telemaque is going to be the next Ed Reed, who better to get advice from than, well, Ed Reed?

Many of you have already heard that Miami quarterback Jacory Harris was the target of at least one racially motivated hate message on Twitter.

It took 10 quarters for the Virginia Tech defense to show up.

FSU quarterback Christian Ponder is a little stubborn, but can you blame him? His time is now.

There's no time for Wake Forest to catch its breath: "We're in the fire now," said coach Jim Grobe.

Hey, at least NC State carried the ACC banner against the Big East -- until Maryland dropped it, anyway.

Georgia Tech assistant coach Andy McCollum has the inside scoop on NC State's personnel.

It's the perfect time for a bye week at Clemson after the Tigers' physical game at Auburn.

UNC's loss to Georgia Tech is solely on the shoulders of the players who suited up -- not the 12 who didn't.

At 0-2, the Tar Heels are getting close to desperate for a win.

NC State has a chance to win its first ACC opener under coach Tom O'Brien.

Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams will be out for Saturday's game at BC, according to Kyle Tucker of the Virginian-Pilot, who spoke with David Wilson.

Georgia Tech's defense will try to contain NC State quarterback Russell Wilson. Try.

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