Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dinich’s Lunchtime Links for Tuesday

You know we are big fans of Heather Dinich’s work over at ESPN. One of our favorite things about her blog it her “Lunchtime Links” which she posts daily during football season. This is exactly the type of thing the crack staff at T.A.H. should be doing, but evidently we are all too busy working and chauffeuring kids around. So, props to Heather and we are delighted that ESPN is paying you for your good work.

*Duke is preparing for Alabama fans. This is exactly what Duke wants, and the program turned down some mad cash to get it.

*Miami's loss? Maddening to some.

*Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson wants to see some better blocking -- from everybody. *Clemson will face one of its toughest environments of the season on Saturday at Auburn

*The Jackets have very few reminders of last year's ACC title because they don't want to feel any sense of entitlement.

*The Hokies can't afford another loss.

*The biggest win in JMU history wasn't exactly shocking to the Dukes. And Bud Foster's tirade shouldn't come as any big surprise, either.

*Don't shoot the messenger -- The ACC can't get much worse.

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