Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Mr. Snyder

CONGRATS, you finally got off the Cowboy schnide and ended a tiresome NFC East drought as well.

As they say in golf, there are no pictures on the scorecard, but you gotta admit that was ugly… mostly Cowboy UGLY. Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Basically, the Skins won the game on two plays. Props to D. Hall for forcing and recovering that fumble on the mind-blowingly STUPID play at the end of the first half. And props to Brian Orakpo for beating that Alex Barron kid so badly he had no choice but to put the game-losing SLEEPER HOLD on him.

The defensive did a pretty good job all around, but clearly Dallas’ offensive line was much better at run blocking that pass blocking. Actually, we were surprised by two things: 1) that Boys abandoned the run in the second half and 2) that Jim Haslett continued to use a defensive set on third and short yardage that includes one…count him…ONE down lineman. Give him credit, even though it didn’t work, he stuck with it.

Offensive play calling? No gripes, accept for the three pass plays (all incomplete) when it was first and goal at the five. Back-to-back fade passes to a guy named Anthony Armstrong was NOT amusing. McNabb to Armstrong (whoever he is) ain’t no Brady to Moss.

Speaking of McNabb, he was a bit off kilter. He made some big plays, but his stats were below is usual. He did suffer from three important drops – one by the normally sure-handed Santana Moss and two by the most overpaid player in the history of Redskins (OK, with the exception of Albert Hayensworth…and Deon Sanders…and Adam Archuleta…and Jeff George…and Jason Taylor…and…sorry, got distracted – you get the point) Mike Sellers who gets paid $1.3 MILLION to drop passes and miss blocks.

Speaking of blocking, I don’t know what Coach Shan did to Clinton Portis but he’s protecting McNabb like a CRAZY MAN. Fun stuff there.

The kicker looks good, but the punter NEITHER catches or punts all that well.

Michael Wilbon put it best this morning when he said this was exactly the type of game the Redskins ALWAYS lose and yet they found a way to win.

Well done. What up with those TEXANS beating the Colts? Guess we’ll show ‘em whose boss next Sunday.


Your Loyal Fan

P.S. Couldn't help but notice you had LeBron James in tow on Monday night.  You do know he is a BASKETBALL player, so don't give him a zillion dollar contract.

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