Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wilder Commits(?) To Florida State

James Wilder Jr. just committed to attending Florida State University next Fall. 

Wilder, a rising high school senior, is considered to be the best running back in the country.

That said, Seminole Nation is holding its collective breath.

Seems as young Master Wilder of Tampa is having a bit of difficulty making up his mind and sticking to his decision. 

According to Yahoo, Wilder was going to commit to play for the Georgia Bulldogs or Florida Gators. In fact, early in the week it was reported that the Gators had been stiffed and Wilders trip to Athens booked.

Florida State fans have to be extremely excited that they were not only able to get a blue-chip prospect, but at the same time seem to have stolen away a recruit from their hated rivals in Gainesville.

What it will unfortunately do for Wilder, though, is put an even bigger spotlight on him, and presumably a target when he takes the field against Florida. The Florida State vs. Florida game in 2011 just became a whole lot more interesting.

Stand by to stand by...

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