Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things That Make You Go…


SUITS IN KANSAS INVESTIGATING UNC – A part of the NCAA's investigation into the University of North Carolina's football program has turned to associate head coach John Blake and his relationship with agent Gary Wichard, according to Wichard.

Reached by phone last week, Wichard - an NFL agent and longtime acquaintance of Blake's based in California - would not comment about his relationship with Blake because he said Blake is "involved" in the investigation at UNC.

The NCAA has launched investigations into allegations of impermissible contact between sports agents and college football players at several schools, including UNC. Last month, NCAA investigators interviewed Tar Heels senior defensive tackle Marvin Austin and senior wide receiver Greg Little. Investigators were back on UNC's campus last week.

To read more, click here.

SUITS IN KANSAS INVESTIGATING MIAMI – The U of M issued a statement Friday saying the investigation surrounds “impermissible text messages and telephone calls to prospective student-athletes."

The NCAA website says “schools cannot text prospective student-athletes at any time.” Texting was eliminated because of the potential cost to prospective student-athletes, the site said.
Past NCAA cases involving text messaging have typically led to schools either being placed on probation or imposing that penalty on themselves.

TOO MUCH INK – According the Gaston, NC Gazette, team spirit in the form of body art helped identify a man who pleaded guilty to drug charges in court last Thursday.

A “UNC” tattoo on Donald Shaun Black’s right cheek was used in the description a man gave police after being robbed during a drug deal gone bad on April 28, Assistant District Attorney Bill Stetzer told the judge.

Black, and his brother, Brendan Black, each pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell drugs.
Brendan Black pleaded guilty to an additional charge of malicious conduct. He yelled at police during the arrest, told them he had a gun and reached behind his back as if he was grabbing for a weapon. Officers subdued Black with a Taser gun but he still spit in the officers faces.

SPOILER ALERT…wait for it: Black said he had been drinking the day the incident occurred.

HEY, DAD, CAN YOU TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW - Koral Wira, a Florida teenager is out in her dad’s boat for a nice day of fishing when a barracuda jumps out of the water and grab’s the girl’s arm. Naturally, she recoils and the barracuda ends up in the boat where her dad, a quick thinker, grabs the bait knife and stabs the offending piscatorial limb gnasher in the head.

Then dad takes a series of pictures of his daughter and her multiple wounds that will eventually require 55 stitches…Key word being “eventually.”

As you can see here, dad made Koral sit through some additional obligatory “wounded daughter, proud dad, dead fish” photos before taking her to the emergency room.

Nice, Mr. Wira, NICE!

To see the fish and the wound, click here.

THE WRECK OF THE EDMUND FITZ-MOBYDICK –This one happened a while back, but it still deserves some additional cyberspace. While cruising about on a nice sunny day a whale smashes a sailboat. Talk about not looking where you’re going…

Evidently…Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes, who operate the Cape Town Sailing Academy, were out and about in a 32-foot sail boat in Table Bay when a rare Southern Right whale came swimming right at them.

"I assumed it would go underneath the boat, but instead it sprang out of the sea," the 50-year-old Werner said.

Clearly, the whale had a different plan as it shot into the air and landed on the boat.
Mothes, who was piloting the boat, ducked behind the wheel as the whale thrashed around on the deck and destroyed their mast, before finally slipping back into the water.

The moment was photographed by a tourist from Botswana, who was aboard a nearby boat.

SPOILER ALERT…wait for it: "They have very poor eyesight and obviously if they're breaching visibility is very poor,” Werner said.

Several blogs reported that the whale “had been drinking the day the incident occurred.”

NICE DOOYike, former Heisman Trophy winner turned Broncos rookie Tim Tebow really, really wants his new teammates to like him and not begrudge him his ridiculous contract.

So, Tebow willingly let himself be hazed and have the top of his head shaved so he now resembles Friar Tuck.

“I think all the rookies had a good time with it,” Tebow told the AP. “It was something to give everybody a laugh, something also to build chemistry.”

SPOILER ALERT…wait for it: Several blogs reported that Tebow “had NOT been drinking the day the incident occurred.” (Photos of Tebow via Trendytykes at Flickr)

BET THE JINX? - Last time we looked (about a week ago) the Boise State Broncos were a 2.5 point favorite over the Virginia Tech Hokies for their Labor Day game at Fed Ex Field.

Since then, SI has put the Broncs on the cover…

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