Thursday, August 12, 2010

Team Photo May Have Tipped Off Suits In Kansas

The NCAA thinks North Carolina football players Greg Little and Marvin Austin have been up to something they should not have been – like (allegedly) flying to California to see their buddy and former teammate who was drafted by the San Diego Chargers.

Then, like the irresponsible and broke college kids that they are, they (allegedly) let their buddy with the $8 million contract pay for their tickets.

And then…this is really SHOCKING, the two football players (allegedly)“worked out” (just like they typically do on about 325 days of the year) with their buddy who was also working out because…wait for it…he’s a football player.

Then they (allegedly) went to a party at his agents house...Awwww, no u diiiinn’t!

Evidently, the two were aware that such mundane activities as this are strictly verboten and they were sharing a good giggle over it during team pictures when Raleigh News & Observer photographer Robert Willet caught them in the act. In the photo above, Austin is clearly mocking the NCAA and its archaic (in some ancient romance language "archaic" actually means "dumb a**") rules while Little (#8) looks on smiling.

Austin and Little, two of the team's best players, have been practicing with the second-team while their eligibility status is being evaluated by the NCAA.

Today, UNC football coach Butch Davis confirmed associate head coach John Blake is involved in the NCAA's investigation into the football program.

Davis declined to talk about Blake's role in the investigation or Blake's relationship with agent Gary Wichard.

"I'm not talking about any of the things that have anything to do with [the NCAA] review," Davis said.

Asked if there was any question or concern about Blake's relationship with Wichard, an NFL agent who represents former UNC defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer, Davis said: "No."

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