Friday, August 27, 2010

Did Tiger Tank On Purpose?

Poor Tiger Woods, ever since last November when his secret life of cocktail waitresses and porn stars led to his ultimate divorce this week from wife of almost six years Elin Nordegren, he’s played like crap.

When Tiger returned to the tour after what had to be the crappiest holiday season in history of golfers, hookers, agents and sponsors, his game was absolutely awful. To make matters worse, a couple of his lucrative endorsement paychecks dumped him, and it started to look like he might have to ride along in John Daley’s bus if he was going to live off his greatly reduced tournament earnings.

Not to be cynical, but was Tiger’s poor performance part of the negotiating process which led ultimately to an undisclosed settlement with his now ex-wife? Can’t you just hear the lawyers for the world’s greatest golfer saying, “We can’t possibly give you $(fill in the blank) million, look how BAAADDD he’s playing!!!”

A coincidence perhaps, but the Woods’ divorce was settled and made public early this week and, lo and behold, Tiger puts up a 65, tied for the lead, in his first “post-divorce settlement” tourney.

Nice, Tiger, NICE!

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