Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things That Make You Go...

Hmmm… Last September, T.A.H. Worldwide Media Pop Culture Editor Young A.T. went off to Toronto to make two television commercials for her full-time employer Fauquier Health (that would be Faw-keer, or thereabouts). Good sports fan that she is, she mangaged to squeeze in most of a Blue Jays game...

The commercials were meant to be light and funny and to point out that patients receive individualized care. Mission accomplished. When a friend who works for an ad agency in the Big Apple and who recently ram-rodded a spot you enjoyed during the Super Bowl saw the cleverly done Fauquier Health spot, she quickly said, “I like them, but what up with the ‘f*** your health?’” We laughed. Ha, ha, “f*** your health,” now that’s funny!

We don’t notice the odd pronunciation of Fauquier – as in Fauquier County – as we’ve been hanging around these parts for some 45 years. Seems as the county – located just four counties and 50 miles from the capital of the free world – is named after one Lord Francis Fauquier (1703-1768) who served as governor of our great Commonwealth from 1758 until the day he croaked.

Fauquier was born in England, but, according to back channels, had great teeth (relatively speaking)) for his time. His father, Dr. John Francis Fauquier, was born in France, hence the faw-keerFauquier Hospital was recently renamed Fauquier Health, and the rest is history… Young A.T. can add “Executive producer of viral commercial seen on national television” to her already impressive resume! Nice, Young A.T., NICE!

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