Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things That Make You Go…


The back page of the John Wooden Sports Illustrated of June 14th has Selena Roberts writing about “A Flight Of Fantasy.” The essay is about Jonathan Trappe who recently flew across the English Channel strapped to some helium balloons.

If this sounds somewhat familiar you might be thinking of Larry “Lawn Chair” Walters who pulled a slightly less organized flight in L.A. in 1982. Perhaps you saw the Australian indie film he inspired called Danny Deckchair…

Now, while Walters was winging it and was subsequently arrested, etc, Trappe is an expert. His gear included a license to fly, a GPS system, ballast (to remove to fly higher), and, of course, a pair of scissors (to cut loose baloons to fly lower and eventually land.)

Trappe soared from England to Dunkirk and landed in a farmer’s field without incident.

He later described his aerial odyssey as "tremendously peaceful, tremendously beautiful", conducted in perfect silence save for a conversation with an astonished walker who happened to be standing on the white cliffs of Dover as Trappe sailed past.

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