Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Academic Progress Rate reports released by the NCAA yesterday offered good news for some ACC schools.

Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest and N.C. State combined to have 30 teams recognized by the NCAA in the top 10 percent of their sport in APR scores.

The APR tracks the academic progress of each student-athlete on scholarship, accounting for academic eligibility, retention and graduation while attempting to provide a measure of each team's performance in the classroom.

The multi-year APRs of the men's basketball teams of UNC (995) and N.C. State (990) ranked in the top 10 percent nationally and led the ACC.

Duke had 14 teams with multi-year scores in the top 10 percent and led the ACC in football (983) and women's basketball (990). UNC had eight teams ranked in the top 10 percent, followed by Wake Forest (five) and N.C. State (three).

Interesting to note is the fact that The U came in second to Duke in the ACC Football category…


FOOTBALL: Duke 983, Miami 978, Boston College 967, Clemson 967, Georgia Tech 967, Wake Forest 966, North Carolina 957, Virginia 947, Virginia Tech 940, N.C. State 937, Maryland 929, Florida State 927

MEN'S BASKETBALL: North Carolina 995, N.C. State 990, Duke 980, BC 978, Miami 970,
Virginia Tech 970, Wake Forest 959, Virginia 952, Clemson 946, Florida State 944, Maryland 913, Georgia Tech 908

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