Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Not An Oil Spill, But...

...rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg is all the beleaguered sports fan in the D.C. area have these days of early exiting Caps, gun-toting Wizards and wretched Redskins.

Now it's not just the people down in Louisiana and the Tea Party folks who are aggravated with President Obama.

Last night the First Fan showed up at Nationals Stadium with 40,325 of his constituents to see Stephen Strasburg pitch. Thankfully, The Prez snuck in thus saving the Nats fan base the annoyance of extra security hassles.

That said, the former Senator from Chicago was wearing a White Sox ball cap.

Strasburg had ten more strikeouts and held the American League opponent to just one run, but his mates failed miserably at run support.
The White Sox ultimately won in the 11th 2-1 after Strasburg and the President were long gone.

To his credit, Obama did hang at the game until the ninth inning.
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