Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, why not?

The Great Nordini sent T.A.H. an item this morning via computer guru Chris K-S from something called Soccer America Daily.

There columnist Mike Woitalla points out that:

“a few years ago, a Los Alamos National Laboratory study declared soccer the most unpredictable sport after studying 300,000 soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey and football games.”

He further notes the absurdity of playing the game for hours upon hours (or does it just seem that way?) only to settle these incredibly important matches with penalty kicks. That sounds like ice hockey and we all no that hockey is all effed up. Right, Mr. Anderson?

Happily, our British bookmaking friends have given us some entertaining wagering options:

There’s 5/1 odds that Michael Bradley (who ever he is?) will be the first player to foul Wayne Rooney (Nope, don’t know who he is either). It’s 8/1 that Landon Donovan (a relative of the singer Donovan or the Colts' Art?) will score against England. It’s 10/3 and 5/1, respectively, that Rooney (Art? Dan? Micky? Andy?) or Peter Crouch (Is that Bev’s kid?) strike for England.

One dollar will get you seven if a Brazilian is the first player to reveal a Jesus Christ T-shirt during a goal celebration. (At least that makes sense!)

At Paddy Power, Ireland’s biggest bookmaker, you can bet on how many England players will sing the national anthem before the U.S. game, how many matches Nelson Mandela will attend, and who Diego Maradona will verbally insult before the first game of the tournament. (We put a few pounds on Mrs. Maradona [Claudia VillafaƱe]…What? She left him already…Jeez!)

British gamblers can even bet on whether an ITV commentator will utter the phrase, "They’re confiscating all the Vuvuzelas!"

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We’re headed to the pub to order a “Vuvuzela” just to see what happens! Actually, a vuvuzela is a horn which soccer fans blow all match long to the great annoyance of any other carbon based life form within earshot! Looks like the Research Department showed up after all..)

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