Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"It's probable he consumed too much alcohol. It's not a justification for his behavior, just an explanation."

– Public defender Richard Hark about twenty-one-year old Matthew Clemmens who was convicted of assault, disorderly conduct and harassment after intentionally vomiting on a fan (an off-duty police officer) and his eleven-year-old daughter at a Philadelphia Phillies v. Washington Nationals game in Philadelphia.

Apparently Hark and his buddy took exception to Michael Vangelo and his daughters (we presume for rooting for our then lowly Nats) at a game last September. The two, bombarded the Vangelo family with profanity, spit and beer. After ignoring requests to stop, Hark’s buddy was removed from the stadium.
Evidently…Hark didn’t approve and decided to demonstrate that by hurling on the Vangelo family.

Nice, stupid, drunk, pukking guy, NICE!
To read the entire story, which is, in fact, sort of amazing in several ways, click here.

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