Wednesday, May 26, 2010


According to the new cyber guru of sports and entertainment, Worldwide Wes, the ACC has reached out to T.A.H. via “back channels” (whatever they are) to attempt to confirm the rumors that the league will be adopting a new mascot in 2011. Knowing, how we love mascots, it seems a logical move.

(Have you seen those new olympic mascots? They're awesome, dude!)

According to the “back channel” sources, the ACC is considering making an obscure reptile – the Fircifeer Lateralis – the official league mascot. The lizard is going extinct in many areas due to rising temperatures (see NFL OWNERS CONFIRM GLOBAL WARMING below), but the ACC supposedly chose this particular lizard since its skin includes the colors of every ACC team.

N.C. State and Maryland have already sent letters of protest to the league headquarters noting that the quickly disappearing lizard "lacks sufficient red."

(Photo by Ignacio de la Riva – Science/AP)

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