Thursday, May 6, 2010


The Better Marriage Blanket: Carbon-layered for her pleasure?

First off, we aren't making this up.

Who could?


Enter the "Better Marriage Blanket" designed to keep flatulence from ruining the marriage bed.
Yes, it's a blanket that is a filter for butt-music.

Nice, Better Marriage Blanket, NICE!

According to their website:

The Better Marriage Blanket is made using the same kind of activated carbon fabric found in Military Chemical Suits.

As a science teacher, I had used activated carbon in my laboratory lessons and was aware that chemicals and gasses are absorbed in millions of microscopic pores in each tiny particle of activated carbon. (See "The Blanket"). This principal is what makes The Blanket so effective! Activated Carbon is well known in Science and Industry for its odor absorbing properties. It is safe and non-allergenic."

As the folks at D-Listed put it so appropriately "If only they made a version for dogs…"

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