Thursday, May 6, 2010


Various media outlets are now reporting on previous run-ins with the law involving George Huguley, the UVa student accused of murdering fellow student Yeardley Love.

You can expect some anti-lacrosse-NCAA-sports-cause-violence backlash on this one, and some of that started to sneak in this morning at the end of a piece on the Today show.

That said, police records show that Huguley was involved in at least two incidents in Florida and one in Virginia.

The Washington Examiner reports Thursday that Huguely was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor in 2007 in Palm Beach County, where his family has a home.

A year later, a report details an incident in which Huguely got into a "very heated" argument with his father and cousin on a 40-foot fishing boat. According to the deputies working the case, Huguely wanted to go back to the beach, but his father would only take him home, so he dove into the Atlantic and swam a quarter-mile to shore.

Huguely also plead guilty to public drunkenness in Lexington, Va., in 2008. In that incident, he was Tasered by police and shouted "I'll kill all you bitches" to a female officer, according to police accounts of the arrest.

University officials said that they were unaware of the Lexington incident, but students are required to report such events.

News of other legal troubles comes a day after reports that a police search of George Huguely's apartment recovered a T-shirt with a red stain and a letter addressed to Yeardley Love, according to a Charlottesville newspaper.Police are also investigating whether alcohol played a role in the incident that lead to Love's death.

Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy J. Longo Sr. said no blood-alcohol tests of Huguely were conducted because too much time had passed by the time he spoke with police Monday morning.

But roommates who discovered Love, and who presumably knew her whereabouts earlier in the day, "assumed that alcohol might have been involved," he said.

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