Thursday, April 15, 2010


At different times of the year, we hear the debate about which college rivalry is the greatest. We hear about Auburn and Alabama, Michigan and Ohio State, UCLA and USC, Harvard and Yale, Army and Navy, Lafayette and Lehigh and, of course, Notre Dame and anybody the Gold Domers can get to listen to them about the glory days v. Army or Navy or Stanford…you get the point.

However, in basketball there are few, and none gets with in three-pointer distance of the heat that emanates from Durham and it’s neighbor Chapel Hill. If "greatest" can roughly translate to "most intense," the North Carolina v. Duke rivalry known for such things as “To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever,” has again turned up the mud-in-your-social-media-eye heat.

Into the fray enters Facebook.

How about a group called “I HATE IT WHEN I WAKE UP AND DUKE STILL EXISTS.”

Man, that’s cold. That’s a REAL rivalry.

Already almost 10,000 Facebookers have acknowledged similar feelings first thing in the a.m. (and we presume the rest of the day!).

To join the fun, click here.

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