Friday, April 9, 2010


Of course, the elders of Augusta National control all that happens within the hallowed grounds, and needless to say they were on high alert yesterday to be sure freedom of speech was held in check a la Fed Ex Field last season when Mr. Snyder temporarily banned offensive(?) banners and tee-shirts.

Straight up, no cell phones are allowed and banners and signs have never been allowed at major golf tournaments. So that took care of that potential “distraction.”

One clever soul did manage to spill a big pile of red ball markers that read: "Tiger, Text Me!" between the first green and the second tee box.

Of course, off the grounds of Augusta National and, most notably, above the grounds were completely open for expression.

Outside the entrance to Magnolia Lane, a man stood with a sandwich board outside a jewelry store. The sign said: "Pulled a Tiger? Let Us Smooth It Over For You!"

But the best came from the air, where two pilots flew over pulling banners that said "Tiger Did You Mean Bootyism?" and "Sex Addict? Yeah, Sure, Me Too!"

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, there is more to come. A Toledo, Ohio, ad agency that handled the arrangements of the flyover won’t disclose who commissioned the add, but they did make it clear there were more on the way.

“Keep your eyes open,” Jim Miller of Air America Ariel Ads told the AJC. “They get better and better.”

The plane circled over the golf club even though the Federal Aviation Administration has issued an “advisory,” asking aircraft to stay at least two miles away from the golf club during play.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Jim Griffin said the law enforcement agency had no authority over the plane and he didn’t know if any laws were violated. Because “it’s up in the air and we don’t deal with federal law.”

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