Saturday, April 10, 2010


To no one's surprise (at least, no one who follows golf), Tiger Woods has reappeared as pretty much the same golfer he was before he had that little run in with a golf club, a tree, his wife and approximately two dozen mistresses one of which (we won't stoop to mention, Joslyn James) is performing at the Pink Pony in Atlanta wearing a green jacket and little else.

So the media crush and focus on Tiger during this year's Masters was an easy call.

Having said that, WTEM Sportstalk ESPN 980 in Washington yesterday sunk to a new low. The station, owned by Dan Snyder's Red Zebra Broadcasting, thought it appropriate (and, perhaps necessary) to give live updates from the Masters during their broadcast of the Orioles home opener yesterday at Camden Yards.

With score tied 5-5 in the seventh inning, WTEM gave us a "Masters update." We didn't write it down as were safely operating a motor vehicle, but it went something like this.

Tiger Woods is two under for the day and six under for the tournament. We'll have more Masters updates throughout the weekend.

Then a few minutes later they did it again and the anchor said the exact same thing.

No mention of the leaders, no Westwood, no Poulter, no what was happening to first round leader Bad Back Boom Boom - nothing.

Just Tiger.

Luckily, they will keep us posted on events at the Augusta National Tiger Woods Invitational as needed...


(Editor's Note: Dear Mr. Snyder, that's some bunk-ass journalism right there. It's a little like saying in a Redskin's update: Donovan McNabb has been traded to an NFC East team, more updates throughout the weekend...)

(Illustration by Mike Lukovich/Atlanta Journal Constitution)

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