Monday, April 5, 2010


Dear Mr. Snyder:

How ‘bout those Redskins?

FIRST, Shanahan, NOW Donovan McNabb.


(Sidebar: Dear Mr. Reid: Who the hell trades a six-time all-pro quarterback who’s thrown 200 touchdown passes for a second round draft pick and a future pick to be determined? Really? Who? What is the likelihood the Eagles will draft an all-pro player with the Skins’ old 37th pick, never mind an all-pro quarterback?)

Evidently, the new coach wanted an experienced ALL-PRO quarterback who knows the West Coast offense, and, clearly, the success of oldster Brett Favre in Minnesota was not LOST on either Shanahan or GM Allen.

At least two guys at the Washington Post have STRONG opinions on the move. Mike Wise says the Skins are delusional and this is the same-old-same-old – recycling older talent in hopes of becoming an instant contender.

On the other hand, Michael Wilbon, thinks it’s a perfect fit.
Here at T.A.H., we aren't SURE how we feel about it, but we HOPE it works.

Your Loyal Fan

P.S. Remember when all the hub-bub settles down, you still NEED an offensive line. Don’t believe us? Just ask Jason Campbell (as he’s leaving town – McNabb starter, Grossman back-up. Say what you will, but both have played [and lost] in the Super Bowl.)

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