Thursday, March 11, 2010


While the mainstream media and many fans thought the North Carolina Tar Heels had reloaded following their winning the 2009 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball national Championship and were headed toward another 20-win season and the NCAA tournament, at least one veteran player and a bunch of guys in Tennessee knew better.

The story goes like this: Ol’ Roy spirited the boys quietly down to Vanderbilt for a little scrimmage. The Commodores promptly routed the young and talented Heels by some 30 points.

"That scrimmage was terrible," Marcus Ginyard said. "That was the whole season right there in that scrimmage. It was exactly the way this whole year has gone down. We were playing a good team and we weren't ready to play when we got there. We got our butt kicked the very first time we stepped on the court together."

The comments were made during a pre-ACC press conference when Ginyard surprised the assembled media with his simple answer to this question:

Reporter: Was there any indication early on that the defending national champions, with one of the top recruiting classes in the country coming into a program that had two titles and three Final Fours in five seasons, would have such a crappy season?

Ginyard: “Yes.”

In short, according to Greensboro News-Record’s Ed Hardin, “Ginyard said they knew it from the very beginning, the scars that would never heal, the players that would never come together, the instructions that would be hammered into their heads over and over again that would go unheeded.”

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